How to stay away from Distractions

How to stay away from Distractions

We all know that distractions are harmful and yet we always somehow get into its trap. Distractions are a major setback to all kinds of goals that you set. Distraction also takes away your sight from your vision, it deviates your focus.

At Meritstore, we look at distractions as a positive tool which can take us out of stress provided that it is consumed under a very strict limit. However most of us are never able to keep distractions under limit.

So now, let us discuss about these Distractions.

The “Problem”

OK , so we all have been trying to run away from our distractions , as we know that they are not good for us . But , there is something “special” about distractions which makes it more difficult to get rid of it. Here , I take you through that special thing . Ready ?

When you are working for something , maybe an examination , often your mind gets impatient . Impatient , implies that your mind somehow wants instant reward that will make you feel good . Now , when you have an option between studying and your distraction , your mind silently chooses the distraction over studies . And now , the special thing about distractions is that , they give you an instant reward .

” Distractions give you quick but useless rewards & Hard Work gives you slow and Amazing Rewards “

This distinctive feature of distractions is what makes it difficult to deal with it .You need to understand that you are here to reap bigger and better rewards rather than quicker and short-termed rewards . Distractions , certainly make you feel good (that’s the reason why you do it ! ) . So What could be the best way to get rid of distractions ?

1. Define the Role of your Distraction

You need to define the goal of your distractor. For example, I would use facebook to connect with the world as well as have access to ideas and knowledge of people all over the globe. Which means I just need to check facebook 4 times a day in order to fulfil the role. facebook should not have a bigger part in my daily routine – That’s it !

You need to really ask yourself at this point that is all of this social media really any big, important thing?

Facebook is just an example, but it could be any other app, or game, or too much hanging out with friends who don’t have the same goals as yours.

2. Use an APP Block

Since mobile applications or mobile phone in general is the biggest distraction that we have ever had, using an AppBlock makes complete sense. Using an App block lets you to set timings for certain applications on your phone such that you can open the applications in only those time slots. You can install App Bock on the playstore and set timings on your distracting apps. I used App Block to limit facebook to 4 times a day.

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3. Shift your focus

Shifting your Focus to something else which is more important than your distractor is a great way to start deviating away from distractions. Make your goals so important to you that you naturally stop giving any importance to your distractions.

Focusing on the right things automatically eliminates focus. If my focus is on studies, then distractions wont get in your way.

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4. Hate Distractions

Develop a love for your studies and hate for distractions. In this way, your mind will feel like studying and wont get diverted towards distractions. It is obvious that if you hate distraction, you wont feel like doing it.

5. Schedule your Distractions

This is a very useful method to get things done at the right time. In this method, whenever you feel like pursuing a distraction, you should postpone it and allocate a different time of the day for that activity.

Also, scheduling your distractions helps you to keep a tab on the amount of time you spend on your distractions.

6. Be on Track

Always know your mission and vision. Mission is what you want to achieve in life and vision is where you want to see yourself in life. Be aware of these at all times. A person who is always aware about his mission-vision would never deviate and always remain on track.

However, there are times when we all lose track. Read here to know What to do if you feel Like Losing Track.

Lastly, remember that life is too short for distractions. So, stay focused !


  • Roshan Manwar Posted September 6, 2018 8:34 am

    Thanks for all the ways to avoid distractions. Sir, I haven’t done very much in studies yet but I want to study and crack neet please give me well time table by following it , I can crack neet and also all the imp chapters for neet
    Im waiting for your reply

  • Tashi Mehta Posted August 1, 2018 6:25 pm

    Thank for sharing ideas on “To stay away from distractions” while preparing for exam. Point No 2 is realiy valid, we need some relaxation in between the preparation. but that should not takefor more time. In this way, you can limit your distractions a day. It is difficult to enter into your study schedule, once you enter it, it becomes easier to continue studying.

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