How to fall in Love with Learning

How to fall in Love with Learning

“Knowledge is Power” they say! Learning is what gives you this power. Let’s see how to fall in love with learning and how to become an avid learner for life.

Understand why Learning is Important Essential

Learning is important because your life is only as large as what you know. We have been learning many things consciously and subconsciously while growing up, that today are helping us in our day-to-day life. Without learning, we would be less capable for going about life. Learning has made us capable of doing at least a million things since birth that we might not even realize.  The importance of learning cannot be described because not only is it important but it is essential for your survival.

Change your mindset towards learning & studies

If you want to fall in love with learning then you must change your mindset towards learning & studies. You cannot continue thinking about studies in the traditional way – “Oh Studies are so boring”, “Only nerds learn so much”,…. With this mindset you won’t go much far in your learning journey. You must instead say “Studies are hard but worth it”, “Nerds are cool because they know so much”. By simply changing your core beliefs about learning and studies you can achieve much more in your student life than ever. Ultimately, mindset is what leads to behaviour, habits  lifestyle. If your mindset is correct, everything else falls in the right place.

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Open your heart to new things

Keep an open heart to experience the magic this world has got to offer. Open up your heart and mind to new possibilities, experiences and beginnings. To fall in love with learning is to open up yourself to new learnings everyday. If you are open enough, the world has many great learnings to teach you everyday.

Be Curious

There is nothing more precious in the world than a child’s curiosity. However as we grow up we lose this spark of curiosity within us. We stop wondering about the small things in life. We get ‘busy’ with other things. Curiosity is a rare trait to preserve. It is a trait that helps you to learn more about the world around you. It is a trait that we must not forget to retain as we grow up. Curiosity is a key characteristic of those whose love to learn.

Ask Questions

Questions are the keys to answers. Those who question everything around them are the ones who learn invaluable learnings about life and world. Questioning is a skill and it comes easy to those with a spark of curiosity. With curiosity, asking questions comes naturally. As you ask more questions, the more knowledge you unravel from this world.

Go beyond Textbooks

If you are a student, then an important factor that decides whether you love learning or not is that – “Do you go beyond textbooks?” Do you learn about different topics from outside of your textbook as well? Today with technology we have a hand-held device that fits in our pocket which can give us access to billions of pages of information. How well do you make use of this? Do you go beyond textbooks to learn something more always?

Some more Quick Tips before you go:

  • Start watching documentaries. Documentaries make topics very interesting to learn and understand.
  • Explore your interests/hobbies, and try to go deeper into these.
  • Study with purpose. Studies don’t have to be boring if you study with purpose. Studying helps you to learn new things about this world. You should always study with this mindset instead of “I am being forced to do this”.
  • Start reading books – fiction/non-fiction, any genre. Book reading habit is very useful to learn new things everyday at great speed. We cannot stress the importance of reading books enough. Read more: How to develop book reading habit.

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