How to improve your Quantitative Aptitude

How to improve your Quantitative Aptitude

Numerical Aptitude is a part of the Aptitude Test, that checks your understanding of numbers and application of various mathematical operations and laws.

Understanding Questions

A very important part of solving numerical aptitude questions is in understanding and analyzing the question. Develop the skill of understanding the questions, as that will make things much easier for you. Understanding involves extracting as much information from the question as needed and realizing the relation of each of these bits of information.

Finding a Method to Solve

Once, you have understood a question, you need to be able to think of a suitable method that you can use to solve the problem.

Most questions asked in Numerical Aptitude are mostly based on general Mathematics like Percentages, Averages, Time & Work, etc. Thus, there is no specialization needed in Maths; the basic concepts are enough.

Thus, what matters the most is not just concepts, but your ability to apply these basic concepts to bigger problems.

Practice Daily

You need to set aside time every day to practice Numerical Ability. Numerical Ability can only be developed through practice.

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