How to Reduce Math Anxiety

How to Reduce Math Anxiety

Mathematics is one of those subjects that every student dreads. Since the very early years of school, students have had anxiety about Math.

However, there is nothing to be feared about Math. Math is here to help us solve problems, Math is not the “Problem”!

Understanding the Importance of Math

Math is the language of the universe. Any natural phenomenon can be described through mathematics. Knowing this fact helps you to understand the purpose of studying Math. Having a sense of purpose is very important for interest in any subject. Once you know why you are studying a particular subject, you will feel a pull of attraction towards that subject. Being interested in the subject reduces anxiety to a large extent, and to achieve this interest, you need to know the application or purpose of the subject.

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Discuss Math with Your Friends

Discussing Math with your friends can significantly improve your thinking about math and open your mind. It will also help you to understand how your friends go about solving a problem and their thought processes. You can also learn better by explaining to them.

It is much easier to learn Math from friends since they are at the same academic level as you and know your understanding of the subject much better.

Clear your Doubts

Clearing your doubts is essential, and yet so many students overlook this. Clearing your doubts is the best way to improve your thought process and your understanding of concepts in Math.

Have Confidence

If you don’t have confidence, if you don’t believe in your abilities, then Math will continue to trouble you. Remember, we put 100% effort only into the things that we believe in.

So, you have to believe that you are capable of mastering Math. Only then you will be able to put in 100% effort!

There is no Substitute for Practice

When it comes to Math, there is simply no substitute for practice. Giving dedicated time to practising Math problems daily is clearly the time-tested method of Reducing Math Anxiety.

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Fall in Love with Maths

Can you be anxious about something you love or like? It is time to make friends with Maths and start liking it!

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Improve your Calculation Skills

Improving your calculation skills will help you to solve Math problems faster and also make you more comfortable with numbers.

At Meritstore, we also have a free online course designed for you to improve your calculation skills!

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