How to improve your Verbal Aptitude

How to improve your Verbal Aptitude

Verbal Aptitude is the part of an Aptitude Test, that checks your understanding and usage of language. Verbal aptitude is a measure of your ability to work well with language. It deals with your understanding, usage & fluency in various aspects of language like grammar, vocabulary, nuances, comprehension, etc.

Vocabulary and Comprehension

Vocabulary and Comprehension are the two pillars of Verbal Aptitude. If you have strong Vocabulary and Comprehension, then you can definitely ace your Verbal Aptitude Test.

Learn the Meanings of 5 words Every day

This is a very good way of strengthening your vocabulary. Along with the formal meaning, you should also look up all the synonyms and antonyms of those five words. Don’t forget to set a daily alarm to remind you of this exercise.

5 words a day may not sound like a great deal. But, consider this: 5 words a day means 35 words a week, 140 words a month and 1680 words a year! And with Synonyms and Antonyms of each of these words, you would have covered a lot of words!

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Reading Books by top-selling authors will not only improve your comprehension but also strengthen your vocabulary further.

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