How to improve your Aptitude

How to improve your Aptitude

If you are building your career, chances are that very often, you will have to give Aptitude tests for Entrance Exams, Competitions and Job Interviews.

A good Aptitude can help you strengthen your career prospects and open you to more opportunities.

Understanding Aptitude

So, to make things clear, Aptitude is the general ability of a person in understanding and solving questions from Maths and Language.

In an Aptitude test, nothing specific to Maths or Language will be asked. Only questions from general topics like Percentages, Ratios, Synonyms and Comprehension will be asked.

So, as you can see, no background in Science, Commerce or Arts is needed to ace an aptitude test. Perhaps, Aptitude tests are the only tests that students from any academic backgrounds can attempt.

This also indicates that no matter which career you opt for, the understanding and application of Math and Language is always going to be crucial.

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Types of Aptitude

Any Aptitude Test can be broadly divided into 3 parts – Numerical, Verbal and Logical Reasoning.

Numerical Aptitude is all about Numbers and their application to problem solving.

Verbal Aptitude is all about Language (mostly English).

Logical Reasoning is all about your understanding and Reasoning skills. It is about your application of Logic.

How to improve Numerical Aptitude

To improve your numerical aptitude, you need to develop love for numbers. You should have a very good understanding of Numbers and Math.

Here are certain steps you can take :

  1. Understand basic concepts like Percentages, Averages, Rate, Ratios, Permutations and Combinations.
  2. Practice Questions daily from this section.

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How to improve Verbal Aptitude

To ace Verbal Aptitude, you need to have a strong hold on language. You should be sound in Grammar and have a strong vocabulary.

Here are certain steps you can take :

  1. Start reading more Books from popular authors.
  2. Improve your vocabulary and Comprehension by Reading Books
  3. Practice English Grammar and Formation of Sentences.

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How to improve Logical Reasoning

To improve in this area, your observation skills should be optimum. Next step is using your observation to make correct inferences or conclusions.

  1. Improve your Observation skills
  2. Learn noticing patterns and trends.

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Practice More

You need to practice more questions,as that will improve your understanding of different types of questions that are asked in an aptitude test. Practice may be hard, but you need to be consistent with your efforts to get a good result.

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Some Tips while Practicing

  1. Focus on the areas you find hardest, and spend the majority of your time on these questions.
  2. Be committed – get practicing as soon as possible and make time for practice, get started now. Practice is key to good performance!
  3. Keep practicing, once you’ve practiced as many tests as possible maintain your skills through question practice right up until the day before your assessment.
  4. Practice under timed conditions and in exam conditions. This will improve your speed and confidence as well as performance on the day of your examination.

You can also practice questions on our own Online Aptitude Courses for free: General Aptitude Course

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