How to prepare for MHT CET in last 1 month

How to prepare for MHT CET in last 1 month

Now that we have MHT CET in 1 month, it is time to buckle up and level up your preparation. Whether you are confident about your preparation or your preparation is not up to the mark, you can follow the below steps to level up your preparation and give your best shot at MHT CET in the last 1 month.

Solve 1 Mock Test every day

As you have only 1 month to prepare, you need to revise the complete syllabus as well as solve mock papers to practice for the final exam. However, as we are short on time, what if you could do both together? Yes, both together!

You can revise the syllabus by solving question papers and then going through solutions to each question and revising everything that you get wrong on the mock test. this way, each day you will get practice in solving mock tests as well as keep revising and getting better day by day.

A Helpful link for you: MHT CET Free Mock Test Papers

Daily Routine to prepare for MHT CET in the last 1 month

To achieve consistency, you need to create a simple daily routine.

Early Morning (7 – 9 am): Wake up and freshen up. Go for a walk, do daily chores, exercise, eat breakfast, bathe, etc.

9-11 am: Revise a few topics on top of your head that could be helpful in today’s mock test.

11 am-1 pm: Solve mock tests with timer.

1 pm – 4 pm: Take a rest, and have lunch.

4 pm-5 pm: Analyze mistakes made in mock tests and chapters that you need to work hard on.

5 pm till rest of the day: Work on points identified by you.

Find areas of improvement & Learn

It is important to thoroughly assess your mock test and identify areas of improvement. You need to ask questions like what are the topics that need my attention? Which topics had the highest weightage in this mock test? Which topics require a bit of revise?

By answering these questions, you can get a good study plan in hand and improve on your weak areas accordingly.

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Use Meritstore’s Free Crash Course for MHT CET

Meritstore provides a free crash course for MHT CET. It contains simple lectures of up to 10 hours for each subject. You can complete this course within 1-2 weeks. If you feel your preparation is lagging, you can use this free crash course to catch up to speed.

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