How to Solve difficult Sums for JEE & NEET

How to Solve difficult Sums for JEE & NEET

We all have  felt the need to get to know a secret formula for cracking sums up. Here is a guide on how to go about with difficult sums.


You must always be aware that difficult sums are solvable. The first mistake that students do is that they lose hope after seeing such a sum. Never lose hope on a sum until you haven’t studied the  concept behind the sum.

The First Step

As soon as you read the question and think that it is a tough sum, re-read it and note down all possible data and conditions in your rough work. Surprisingly, many times you get the sum after noting down the data. This is because visual thinking is easier than mental thinking. So, the first step is to note down all possible values and conditions.

Noting values is easy, but understanding and noting down conditions requires practice.

The Second Step

Now that you have noted down all values and conditions, you need to try different formulae and methods for solving the sum. If you have practiced a lot of MCQS,  then chances are that you will get it in the first attempt. If not then you will have to scan through all formulae and methods as quickly as possible  (practice this). That is why it is recommended to solve as many MCQS as you can during your preparation. If this is too late to solve too many MCQS,  then it is recommended to practice scanning through all formulae and methods quickly (this will surely help).

The Alternative Step :

There are always non-standard methods of solving MCQS quickly. In these methods you need not solve the entire sum. Sometimes you can eliminate options and find the correct option.

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The Power of Practice

The reason for including this in the end is that most students don’t feel like practicing for their exams due to which they end up asking for easier tricks to get through. But your practice is going to be the single most deciding factor.

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Smart Students are gifted with Sum-solving Ability (e.g.  IITians)

This could be true in some cases but this thinking might leave you discouraged. Why not think about this in a different way! Why don’t you gift yourself the ability of problem solving ? Wouldn’t that make you awesome ? It is now the time to develop this gift for yourself.

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