How to Remove the Fear of Studies

How to Remove the Fear of Studies

Find the Fun in Learning !

When you start finding learning fun, the fear of studies ceases to exist. Curiosity always overrides fear.

Positive Mindset

Many students feel the heat of studies because they have a pessimistic outlook towards studies. This negative approach towards studies adds to the anxiety and fear in the student’s mind regarding their academics.

It is a known fact that your thoughts do influence your reality. Thus, it is very essential to have a positive outlook towards studies. Viewing good grades as an achievable target is the first step towards getting rid of study-related anxiety.

Ignore Negative People

In order to have a positive outlook, you need to ignore people who spread negativity. You will have people, friends or maybe even teachers who would tell you how difficult a particular entrance test is. Although, their intention is to warn you about it, they end up discouraging you, which adds to your fear.

Know the difference between being negative v/s careful

It is very important to know the difference between being negative and being careful. It is also very important to know the difference between being positive and being over-confident.

You need to mind these differences. Just because you are being careful about your studies, doesn’t mean you are negative about studies. Also, being positive about studies, doesn’t mean being over-confident about studies.

You need to take care that in the process of turning your approach into positive, you should not become over-confident.

Be around Good People

All of the traits that you need in order to succeed in life, come from the “good” people in your life. You need to be around the people who could inspire you, motivate you and challenge you to push yourself.

When you hang out with people who are positive, disciplined and committed to studies, you would pick up those traits as well.

Set aside dedicated time

Setting aside some dedicated time for your studies on a daily basis will keep you assured of completing your exam preparations on time. Assurance of any kind helps you to reduce fear, and setting aside a dedicated time slot for studying helps you to be assured !

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Divide your Goal

If you have a big goal to achieve, then it is often advised to break it into small chunks of goals. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day !

If you are preparing for an entrance exam that has a vast syllabus, you will need to break it into smaller parts. If you try to study the syllabus as a whole, you will remain in confusion throughout the year.

Dividing your goal into small manageable parts is a good way of assuring yourself of your progress in studies.


One more aspect that the ‘Dividing your goal’ section talks about is Patience. You need the patience to study each of these manageable parts of your goal. If you lose patience, you might not be able to follow a disciplined and committed schedule on a daily basis.

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