Studying for HSC while preparing for JEE, NEET & CET

Studying for HSC while preparing for JEE, NEET & CET

Every year the common dilemma of students at this time of the year is how to manage boards and entrance exam both together. Many a times a situation of neither boards nor entrance is created due to this confusion. Read this guide from us to know how you can face the next board-months.

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To Summarize the video :

1.  Make sure you solve important questions from every topic.
2. Solve at least five HSC past papers daily.
3. Master the HSC curriculum before moving on to JEE/NEET.

Step 1 : Know the Contest

First go through previous years’ question papers of your board examination It is very important for you to know what the contest is going to be exactly. Once you know the contest, you will surely prepare accordingly. Like for example, when you go through the physics paper you get a hint that you won’t be able to solve it in time if you get stuck at any question for too long ; now you can prepare accordingly.

To introduce you to the contest : Physics is always going to be the toughest (Be well-prepared, Chemistry will be easy provided that you remember all reactions and theory (Do all exercise questions), in case of Maharashtra Board Maths iss the easiest generally, Biology again depends on how much you remember (Study the textbook thoroughly).

Step 2 : Solve Mock Papers

Solving Mock papers will help you in experiencing the contest rather than just knowing it. Solving mock papers with timing, will make you comfortable with the contest.

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Step 3 : Improvise

Once you have evaluated your mock papers, your weak areas get highlighted. The good part is that improving weak areas is easier for boards than entrance exams.

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  • Yash Posted July 30, 2018 8:45 am

    Hlw, I’m a student of 12 th std & I want to know about the MHT-CET 2019
    My Subject are PCB.
    Please Suggest me the best Study Material…

  • Priyanshu Nimkar Posted April 29, 2018 6:03 pm

    Hello merit store I want to know about MHTCET 2019 and what is the toughness level of MHTCET 2019 . Also which is the best study material for MHTCET 2019 ?
    Please help me because I am so confused on cet2019.

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