The Perfect Study Mantra – Plan, Execute, Track

The Perfect Study Mantra – Plan, Execute, Track

What if you had a study mantra with you which you could use as a spell of magic? A study mantra which you could follow religiously without the fear of something going wrong or amiss? Here we present you the perfect study mantra so that you can get ahead in your academics.

1. Plan

FIst things first, you need a plan. Without a plan, you would be wandering about clueless about what to study and when. If you are preparing for any entrance exam, board exam, or university exam, then it is very important for you to be able to strategize well. It is better to have a systematic study plan than to randomly go about studying.

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2. Execute

Having a plan is no good unless you execute it. We are good planners but bad executioners. Setting a timetable is easy. Setting a good timetable is hard and Executing these timetables is even harder. The poorly designed timetables are just like fantasies that never come true. Many students would have set up beautiful timetables by now, but a few succeed. Execution is all the difference here.

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3. Track

Keeping track of your studies is very important. It keeps you aware of where you stand and how much more you need to do in order to be able to achieve your academic goals. Keeping Track of studies can be overwhelming, especially if you have a vast syllabus to cover. But, with a bit of planning and organization, this task can be greatly simplified.

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4. Concentration > Number of Hours

Studying with concentration for 2 hours is always much better than studying without concentration for 5 hours. Still, most students choose the latter and then end up feeling that their grades are not improving even after putting so many hours of studies. This is why you should focus on the number of hours that you are studying with attention, focus, and concentration.

Studying with concentration will also help you to study any topic in less time, hence saving your time. You can put this saved time into relaxation and leisure activities.

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