What is Verbal Aptitude

What is Verbal Aptitude

Verbal ability is the ability to understand the written language and to understand the concepts portrayed through the words. One word may have many meanings. The meaning may vary based on the place it is used. This is known as conceptual meaning. This conceptual understanding comes to you when you have good verbal ability to understand this.

What does Verbal Aptitude include?

Verbal aptitude includes some text which you need to analyze and grab the objective and then you have to answer the question. This includes reading comprehension where your verbal ability is tested to its mark. Because this covers all the factors to assess you. Here you will be given a passage and a set of questions for which you need to find the answer from the given passage. Verbal aptitude also includes solving word problems, thinking about a text etc.

What are the types of questions in Verbal Ability?

  • Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Verbal Analogies
  • Spelling
  • Sentence completion
  • Word groups
  • Following detailed written instructions

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Where can I learn Verbal Ability?

When you read a lot, you can understand many words. When you listen a lot, you can reproduce and you will excel in this. Basic practice is to read newspapers, books, articles, blogs, magazines of your interest. For the listening practice, you can hear the news from national channels, watching web series may increase your pronunciation. Being consistent in your efforts will give considerable changes in your habit.
Is verbal fluency a sign of intelligence?
Yes. To some extent that is about 30% of intelligence is assessed with verbal fluency. Knowing a language with good fluency is always a credit for your career. Fluent enough in the global language definitely gives you great confidence to wander around the world.

Why Verbal reasoning is found to be nightmare for many?

Verbal reasoning is considered to be the most difficult part to clear for the candidates who have their base from mother tongue medium. Nothing is impossible when we have the courage to do. Little practice on daily basis sound great than heavy practice inconsistently. It is here many candidates are lacking. To overcome this, our belief is important to expose ourself for learning. Practice with basic things. Clarity in the basic things will make you more confident to handle great things.

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