10 Reasons to Love Maths

10 Reasons to Love Maths

1. Math can save you money

How much would that new video game be if there is a 20% off sale? Is it better to get the big box of cereal or the little one on sale? If you count up all the coins in your piggy bank can you buy a new soccer ball? You use math to figure it out!

2. Math helps out in the kitchen

What’s the easiest way to cut a pizza evenly to serve 12 people? Can you divide 15 apples fairly between 4 friends? Fractions, multiplication, measurements, estimates… these are all parts of math that show up in the kitchen.

3. Math Builds Problem Solving Skills

Math uses critical thinking and builds problem-solving skills. Learning to look at a problem – whether a math problem or a life problem – and come up with a plan is an important skill to practice.

4. You can take lots of approaches to Math

Even if math has a “right” answer, there are lots of ways to get to it. Teaching students different approaches give them tools to solve different problems, helps them understand concepts, and lets them choose an approach that makes the most sense to them.

5. Finding the answer is satisfying

Math problems aren’t easy to solve, but finding the answer can be very satisfying. Yes, some problems are easier than others—but the whole fun is in figuring it out!

6. Humanity needs Math

Just look around. Some of civilisation’s most prized and proud achievements are wholly reliant on mathematics. Planes flying seamlessly through the air, high availability of complex medicines, even the computer you are using now: all of these increasingly vital commodities rely on the use and study of numbers. If you are to stop and think for just a few minutes it becomes inescapably clear that mathematics is pretty well inseparable from life as we know it.

7. Math and science go hand in hand

No matter what science you want to study, math remains the core of all scientific inquiry. Physics itself is based on harnessing the nature of the universe by modelling it mathematically—as is Chemistry. In the next few decades, Biology’s increased dependence on technology (especially within the field of medical research) will certainly mean that Math is an increasingly essential concept for all Biology students too!

8. Math encourages curiosity and questions

You may think of math as looking for the answer to a problem in a book or on a worksheet, but the math really starts with wondering or asking a question. Like it is to the sciences, Math is nothing but an attempt to harness the uniquely complex ways of the world around us.

9. Math is fun

This curiosity and questioning is just what makes it fun! Never shy out from solving a tough problem. Step back, approach it again, and revel in the process of finding your solution!

10. Math is a journey

Too often we think of math as an answer to get to. When a paper gets turned back with red correct marks or wrong Xs, we sometimes lose sight of that journey. Understanding that the destination (the answer) is important, but so is the journey (how you think about and solve a problem) for building a love of math. Where will math take you?


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