How to improve your Calculation Skills

How to improve your Calculation Skills

Calculation skills are important in the academic life of any student. Not only does it make the life of a student easier, but it also helps in solving Math problems faster. In this post, we show you how you too can improve your calculation skills. At the end of this post, we also talk about a great tool that we have developed at Meristore to help you improve your calculation skills.

Good Skills Come with Good Practice and Patience

Calculation skills do not develop overnight. It develops over your formative years in the school. However, if you feel that you are a little laid back in your calculation skills, then you need to have some patience, as good skills require time to develop. You need to practice a bit of calculation daily. You need to keep practising until you see a significant improvement in your calculation skills.

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We hope you improve and reach great heights with this course. All it takes is 10 minutes of daily practice. All the Best!

Start Small and improve step by step

It is always better to start off from a level that you are comfortable with. For example, you could begin with the addition of two-digit numbers (32+47, 19+34, 56+28) or the multiplication of one-digit numbers (7×9, 8×4, 9×8).

Once you have started, you can start practising more difficult calculations like the addition of three-digit numbers (112+101, 132+143,156+112) or the multiplication of two-digit numbers (12×13, 21×14, 32×21).

Memorize tables till at least 10

Memorizing tables till 10 is a minimum requirement to be quick at calculations. If possible, practice tables till 15. Knowing tables in memory is the easiest way to improve your calculation speed.

For Bigger Numbers, Break down the Numbers

If you are dealing with bigger numbers, it is best to break them down.

For example, suppose you have to calculate 25×13.

In this case, you can break down the calculation as 20×13=260 and 5×13=65 and then add it up. You can also break it down further as 20×10=200, 20×3=60, 5×10=50, 5×3=15 and add it all up.

This might look like a big task on paper, but it is very quick and easy to perform in your mind with a little practice.

Learn a few simple tricks

There are a few simple tricks that you can use to make calculating in your head easier. It mostly involves splitting the numbers into smaller parts and performing calculations. These tricks will put you in a better position to calculate any number in less time.

Here are some posts to explain the tricks of the trade:

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  4. Simple Division Tricks for faster Calculations

Practice Daily on Meritstore

At Meritstore, we have a free online course to help you improve your Calculation Skills. The course consists of exercises for you to practice calculations at various levels of difficulty.

Take the course and practice the exercises daily for at least 10 – 15 minutes. Within a week, you should have greatly improved your calculation skills.

Here’s the link to the course:

We hope you improve and reach great heights with this course. All it takes is 10 minutes of daily practice. All the Best!

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