Here’s why you won’t Crack NEET

Here’s why you won’t Crack NEET

In order to succeed in NEET, you also need to know what NOT to do along with What to do. Here, we discuss the top mistakes done by most students as they prepare for the upcoming NEET exams.

Relying on Books

Many students keep looking up for the best set of books for preparing for NEET. However, they forget that books are only a medium through which they can study.

Always remember that there is no one book from which all or most questions will come from. The concepts of NCERT will be asked in the NEET exam. But, what matters is how well are you able to apply these concepts to the question being asked. Since, students aren’t familiar with applying concepts to a question, they end up feeling that the questions were out of syllabus.

Thus, although you need to learn concepts from NCERT, you also need a good practice book for developing your thinking skills and approach towards problem solving.

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You aren’t supposed to totally rely on these books. These books are meant for practice and developing your skills. When you totally rely on a articular book for Questions, you will be baffled when new questions are asked in NEET.

So, all that you can rely on is your skills.

Lack of Ability

Lack of Ability comes from lack of practice or aptitude. During your preparation time, along with learning and understanding concepts, you also need to develop your thinking skills.

You need to practice to a point that you can think of a method to solve any sum given in any NEET books. The exam isn’t going to be based on rote-learning of concepts alone, it is more about your ability.

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Procrastination will further hamper the development of your thinking skills. Everyday, unknowingly due to procrastination, we end up wasting a lot of time. And if you think carefully, time lost = Ability lost. You lose on a bit of improvement everyday due to procrastination.

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Not facing Difficult Questions

Many students avoid difficult questions, thinking that they may lose confidence or get disheartened. However, it is better to get disheartened while practicing at home rather than in the Exam Hall.

You need to face difficult questions, no matter how uncomfortable you feel. Solving these questions might give you a tough time in the beginning, but over a time, you will get comfortable with such questions. You just need to keep practicing till then.

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