How to clear backlogs in the preparation for NEET

How to clear backlogs in the preparation for NEET

Are you preparing for NEET and feel something is just missing in your preparation? You are not alone. The majority of students end up with massive backlogs in their studies while preparing for NEET. Let us see how one can manage these backlogs and bring their preparation back on track.

What is a Backlog

A backlog in simple terms is an accumulation of uncompleted studies. A backlog is created due to various reasons like lack of planning, procrastination and simply not studying for enough time or not keeping track of studies. When a backlog is created, a student has the fear of missing out (FOMO) on studies.

Usually, students realize that they have a backlog very late in their preparation. Nevertheless, with proper planning and execution, backlogs can be cleared effectively.

The Only way to Clear Backlog

There are no shortcuts to clearing backlogs. The only way out is to put extra 1-2 hours of study daily apart from your daily routine. In these 1-2 hours, you should study everything that you have missed out so far. Start by making a list. Create a list of all the chapters that you need to study in the next few months/weeks in these extra hours.

Remember, if you are not putting in the extra hours, then you are not really clearing the backlogs. It is important to study consistently every day to clear backlogs.

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Make a Schedule

Once you have a list of chapters that need to be studied to clear the backlog, start with creating a daily schedule. The daily schedule should be realistic and should help you clear your backlogs in the next few weeks/months. You should have a monthly, weekly as well as daily schedule for your studies.

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Firstly, decide the chapters to be covered under the backlog. Decide the amount of time you want to take to complete these chapters. Then divide them among months and weeks. Once this is done, decide a daily schedule at the start of each day so that you can complete your weekly and monthly goals.

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Keep Track of your Studies

Keeping track of studies is very important, especially when preparing for exams with a vast portion like NEET. Usually, it is the students that don’t keep a track of their studies, who end up with such backlogs. Keeping track of studies is not only a good way to avoid backlogs, but also to know where you are lagging behind.

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