How to increase your NEET Score in last 30 Days

How to increase your NEET Score in last 30 Days

If you attempted NEET exam today, how much would you score? 200 plus? 400 plus? or 600 plus? With NEET exams just a few weeks away, this is the most critical time to increase your NEET Score. With focus, structure, discipline, and right guidance, you can crack NEET exam with flying colours, even with the limited time in hand. Even if you are at, say 300 plus, we have a strategy for you to increase your NEET score in the next 30 days.

Getting good marks in NEET is not just about the number of hours put into studies. It is about doing the right things at the right time and in a consistent manner. Given, the fact that time is limited now, you can’t be using your 2-year-old strategies at this time of the year. So, here’s the strategy.

Solve Mock Test first

Start solving mock tests, even if you haven’t completed the NEET syllabus yet. You can learn more concepts by solving and analyzing your mistakes in mock tests than by reading your textbooks during these times. Also, you would be specifically revising topics asked in previous year’s NEET papers. This will also give you an idea about which topics are mostly asked in NEET and what difficulty level is to be expected. This will also prepare you for the final exams and make you comfortable and give you the confidence to face the final NEET exam.

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Analyze your Mock Tests

After solving mock test, do not forget to analyze your mistakes. Many students solve the mock tests because somebody has suggested them to do so and then miss out on analyzing their mistakes because they have to complete “15-20” mock tests as suggested. This is a grave mistake.

Let us make this clear, the strategy won’t work at all if you fail to go through all solutions and analyze your mistakes after solving any mock test. The most important part of the strategy is to analyze your mistakes and revise the concepts that need your attention.

What you can do is, solve a mock paper in the morning with 3 hours timed attempt, and then, in the afternoon, analyze your mistakes from the paper and go through all the solutions, ‘patiently’.

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Revision is important

Once you have analyzed your mistakes, make a list of all topics and concepts that you didn’t get right and start revising these. In the beginning it will take more time to revise these topics, because you would get a lot more questions wrong in the beginning. But, with time, as you keep practicing, within 15 days, you will realize that the number of wrong answers will gradually start decreasing. You will require much less time in revision as you reach the 20th-25th day, and that is the mark of success.

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Here’s why this strategy works

This strategy works because it gives you clarity. At times like these, students get confused as to what to study or which parts of NEET syllabus to focus on. They start studying a chapter, and then another, and then another, and so on. This is not efficient as they are studying everything instead of the exact topics that need your attention. And this is exactly why the Mock test strategy works so well.

NEET 30 Day Practice Course by Meritstore

Being an online learning platform, we thought we could convert this strategy into an online course so that it could help students to stay on track. The course has a very low fee of Rs. 999 and provides you with question papers and paper solving videos for 30 days. The first 15 days, we solve mock paper of one subject each day, since it is difficult to revise all mistakes in a single day, as discussed earlier in this post. After day 15, we go onto solve full papers each day. This is the time by which you should have had increased your NEET score significantly by following the course.

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