How to crack 600+ in NEET

How to crack 600+ in NEET

Cracking 600 + is not easy – it requires practice, time and many more factors. But still , it is important to remember that anybody can crack NEET if given enough time and practice.

Here, we look at the various factors that will help you to crack NEET with flying colours…

Understanding the Number – 600 !

First of all you need to do an analysis of the score – 600 . Fortunately we have done that for you !

Scoring 600 in NEET means getting 150 MCQs correct out of 180 – without negative marking.

So, you need to plan accordingly. Make sure that your practice in the end stages fetches you close to 150 MCQs correct. To be on a safer side you may attempt 165 and get 5-10 MCQs wrong. You should also decide how much to attempt and score subject-wise based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Getting a MCQ correct in Biology is much easier than in Physics and Chemistry provided that you are thorough with NCERT and atleast one good Biology Book. So Biology could be your soft-target. For getting MCQs correct in Physics and Chemistry you need meticulous practice.

So, basically your ability should be such that you are able to get atleast 150 MCQs correct in NEET.

Now that we have understood what we need to score on Exam Day in order to get 600 Marks, let us see how can we make it a reality.

Preparation Tips

The Perfect Combination of Books

You should not stress out yourself with multiple books. Instead, you should follow a very simple combination of books that we recommend.

The Best Combination of Books is N.C.E.R.T. + 1 Advanced Book.

You may also refer your state textbooks instead of N.C.E.R.T since they have adapted the N.C.E.R.T. curiculum. Your textbook is going to be your source of basics and your basics should be strong. SO, you are going to use the textbook for strengthening your basics.

The 1 Advanced Book in the above equation is a book that contains advanced-level problems for each subject. If in case you are confused about selecting a good book to complete the equation, we would recommend you to go through this blog, where we have selected a single book for each subject to clear the confusion.

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The Perfect Study Mantra

“It is better to study with full concentration for half an hour than studying aimlessly for 5 hours”.

Remember this funda always!

Studying with concentration saves a lot of time for you. You can also continue your leisure activities if you study with full concentration and commitment in the time allocated for studying. Studying aimlessly for 5 hours does no good even when the number of hours is high. Many students fall in the trap of feeling satisfied after having studied for a long time. Now, imagine achieving the same with 1 hour of undivided attention? – you save yourself  4 hours. Now you can put those 4 hours in further studies, relaxation, social media or other leisure activities.

If you adopt this funda of studying you will never be stressed out. The best way to implement this is through the slot method.

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Managing Time

Managing time is going to be very vital for you and thus you should always remember these rules :

  1. I can’t waste time.
  2. Each wasted day brings me down by a mark (2 years – ~720 days – 720 marks).
  3. I can’t spend the entire day planning my schedule. My schedule for the day should be ready within a minute.
  4. I have to spend a lot more time on execution than planning and dreaming about a medical seat – repeat rule (3,4) .
  5. I am disciplined enough to follow a fixed timetable.

These are not just rules, but also some of the reasons to why so many students are unsuccessful at the NEET. If you want to be successful you will have to follow the rules strictly. Time to discipline yourself!

It is easier to discipline yourself if you enjoy the process of learning, practising and cracking sums.

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Solve Mock Papers

By solving the mock papers, you get a precise idea of the paper pattern and types of questions asked. After solving your first mock paper, you can search specifically prepare for the type of questions asked in these mock tests. So, Mock tests help you to understand the exam better and hence helps you to prepare better.

Mock Tests also gives you a thorough practice of the exam day scenario. You can get an idea of time management through these tests. You can also check your level of preparation with each mock test and then prepare for the weaker parts.

Solve as many mock papers as you can before the exam.

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Staying Away from Distractions

One major hurdle in disciplining yourself is “Distractions”. And the major distractions are your social media. You need to really ask yourself at this point that is all of this social media really any big, important thing?
If you observe carefully, you will realize that you don’t really need to check social media updates every 5 minutes. Even if you check out updates 3-4 times a day, it will all be covered up. So, a great step ahead is to install the AppBlock App from playstore and apply it on your distracting apps so that you can view them only 4 times a day.

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Minimize Negative Marks

Minimizing Negative marks is as good as earning marks. Negative marks can get you down from a big total and thus you need good amount of practice so  that you choose the right questions on the exam day and solve them and arrive to a correct answer.

This aspect of the exam has been comprehensively covered up in a special blog.

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Your mindset is going to shape your preparation. The way you think about the exam influences your preparation.

Here’s what your mindset should be :

  1. I love all the subjects and topics of Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
  2. The syllabus isn’t too large considering 2 years of preparation time.
  3. The level of questions is difficult to crack ONLY in the beginning. After intensive practice, it will be easy, too.

Wishing you all the best for all your future endeavours.

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