How to Remember What You Learn

How to Remember What You Learn

Whether it be Mathematical equations or Chemical Reactions, Remembering what you learn is an important skill to develop. It is an important part of academics along with analytic skills, reasoning, logical thinking, and observation.

In this post, we will take you through the process of Remembering everything you learn.

Entering Information in Your Brain

The manner in which you enter data into your brain is very important. The brain is not built for storing data, it is built for creativity, for thinking. If you enter facts into your brain, your brain is going to get bored.

You need to associate information with other information or real-life examples in order to make a long-lasting impression on your brain. In this process, it is very important to concentrate on the information at hand and to discount every other distraction.

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Learn and Understand with Attention

You need to give undivided attention to what you are learning. You must cut down on distractions and find a calm place to study. The brain functions the best when it concentrates on one task in hand. Learning something with full attention goes a long way in remembering it forever.

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Do not Confuse recognition with Recollection

There might be times when you might think you know a concept, but it could turn out that you merely recognize the concept and do not recollect much about it.

Recognition of a concept does give us a small illusion of knowing a concept and that is why we need to beware of it. Always test whether you are able to recollect about a concept rather than just recognize it.

Do not stress about recollecting Everything

You should not stress about remembering everything as a whole. Break a bigger concept or topic or chapter into smaller manageable chunks and study those. Working on smaller chunks helps you to study a concept in much detail and recollect more information.

You will never be able to recollect everything at once. You begin with a starting point and then each chunk leads to the other and that is how you connect the dots and recollect the whole concept.

Take Adequate Breaks

You need to give full attention and study with a concentration in order to be able to recollect. However, the brain gets tired after a while and needs to refuel. Thus, taking breaks is very important. It allows the brain to successfully register information at its own pace and you can refuel yourself so that you can then study with full energy.

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Have Confidence in Yourself

You need to believe that you can remember what you learn. If you don’t have that kind of confidence, you will never be able to recollect the things that you need to learn. You need to commit yourself to remember and that requires confidence in your abilities.

If you don’t believe in your abilities, you will not be able to put enough efforts into remembering. This is because you will always have the feeling that something is putting you down and that there is no point in putting 100% effort.

So, have the confidence and you will see yourself put 100% efforts; because as humans, we tend to put our 100% effort only in the things that we believe in.

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