Time Management Techniques

Time Management Techniques

Time is precious. Time is limited.

In order to live the best of our lives, we need to make the most out of our time. Here are effective time management techniques to help you make the most out of time.

Slots Method

The slot is a dedicated period of time in which you commit to yourself that you are going to give undivided attention to the study material in hand. This period can be of 20 minutes, 25 minutes or 30 minutes – whichever suits you the best. At the end of each slot you will be having a 5 or 10 minute break. After the break you begin a fresh new slot and the cycle goes on.

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A to-do-list is by far the most effective way of managing your time. Maintaining a to-do-list keeps you on track by reminding you of your tasks.

It is also important to prioritize your to-do-list. Enter tasks in your to-do-list in the order of priority – from most important to least important. This helps you to know where to put more efforts in.

To sum up, a to-do-list is your best time-planner ever. You can get a complete idea of that needs to be done by going through your to-do-list.


When you put your complete concentration in a task, the task gets completed in a better way and in lesser time. When you concentrate on your task, you do not tend to waste time and thus your task gets completed in lesser time.

On the contrary, when there are distractions, you lose your concentration and the task takes longer to get completed. Thus, concentration is a handy tool for saving time that you spend on your tasks.

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Limit your Distractions

Distractions delay or even postpone your tasks. Excessive distractions lead to procrastination.

It is very important to add limitations to your distractions. Set aside certain time slots of your day for distractions (for leisure). By limiting your distractions, you can borrow time from distractions for something more useful and meaningful.

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