How to prepare for NEET in next 4 Months

How to prepare for NEET in next 4 Months

Now that we’re left with 4 Months in hand – Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr it’s time to create a schedule for preparing NEET in the next 4 months and follow it religiously. We at Merit Store have created a simple timetable for the next 4 months. You can exclude the month of boards and follow this schedule for 3 months if you are not a dropper.

Monthly Timetable for next 4 Months

Put in at least 2 hours a day for each subject as mentioned below. If you can put in 3 hours (most recommended) per subject, then it would be better for your score. Spend these 2-3 hours for solving MCQs since you now have only 4 months to prepare for the NEET

Check out these books for your preparation: Most Recommended books for NEET


Day 1: Measurements , Practical Physics , Scalars and Vectors | Mole Concept , Metallurgy | Cell Structure and Function

Day 2: Kinematics , Force | Thermodynamics | Biology & Human Welfare

Day 3: Electrostatics , Magnetism | Atomic Structure , Chemical Bonding | Diversity in Living World

Day 4: Current Electricity , Magnetic Effect of Current| Surface Chemistry , Nuclear Chemistry  | Biotechnology and it’s Applications

Day 5: Projectile Motion , Kinematics | Alkanes , Alkenes , Alkynes , Aromatic Compounds | Human Physiology

Day 6: Light & Sound Waves | Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium | Ecology & Environment

Day 7: Circular Motion , Gravitation | s-block elements , Solutions & Colligative Properties | Plant Physiology

Day 8: Rotational Motion , Ray Optics | Thermodynamics , Electrochemistry | Genetics & Evolution

Day 9: Work , Energy & Power , Friction in Solids and Liquids | Practical Chemistry , Mole Concept , Environmental Chemistry | Structural Organization in Animals & Plants

Day 10: Oscillations , Wave Motion , Stationary Waves | p-block Elements | Reproduction in plants

Day 11: Light and Sound Waves , Heat Transfer | Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium | Biology & Human Welfare

Day 12: Kinetic Theory of Gases , Atom and Nuclei | Halogen Derivatives of Alkyl Halide , Alcohol , Phenol & Ether | Ecology & Environment

Day 13: Diode and transistors , Communication Systems | Aldehydes, Ketones , Carboxylic Acid , Compounds containing Nitrogen | Human Physiology

Day 14: Electostatics , Current Electricity | d & f block elements , s-block elements | Plant Physiology

Day 15: Magnetism , Magnetic Effect of Current | Thermodynamics , Chemical Equilibrium | Diversity in Living World

Day 16: Light and Sound Waves | Revision of All Reactions of Organic Chemistry | Genetics & Evolution

Day 17: Electromagnetic Induction , Electrostatics | Solutions , Colligative Properties and Ionic Equilibrium | Biotechnology and it’s Applications

Day 18: Circular Motion , Gravitation , Rotational Motion | Chemical Kinetics , Alkanes , Alkenes , Alkynes | Structural Organization in Animals & Plants

Day 19: Electromagnetic Induction , Alternating Current | Alcohol , Phenol , Ether , Aldehydes, Ketones & Carboxylic Acids | Reproduction in animals

Day 20: Semiconductors , Practical Physics | Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium | Ecology and Environment

Day 21: Scalars and Vectors , Force | Thermodynamics , Electrochemistry | Biology and Human Welfare

Day 22: Kinematics , Circular Motion | Halogen Derivatives of Alkanes , Compounds containing Nitrogen | Biotechnology and it’s Applicaitons

Day 23: Wave Motion , Stationary Waves ,Oscillations | Mole Concept , Atomic Structure | Diversity in Living World

Day 24: Elasticity , Surface Tension , Kinetic Theory of Gases | Chemical Bonding , Metallurgy | Cell Structure and Function

Day 25: Heat Transfer , Magnetism | Surface Chemistry , spdf blocks | Genetics & Evolution

Day 26: Work , Energy & Power , Ray Optics | Nuclear Chemistry , spdf blocks | Reproduction

Day 27: Friction in Solids & Liquids , Current Electricity | Metallurgy , spdf blocks | Plant Physiology

Day 28: Heat Transfer , Oscillations , Wave Optics

Revision of All Reactions of 11th/12th std. Organic Chemistry

Revision of all Diagrams of 11th/12th std. Biology



Remember that this is going to be difficult to follow if you lose track midway. And you should be willing to study at all times because if you miss it out this month, you are going to ask next month “How to prepare for NEET in 3 months”. We hope that you remain on track this month and just get it done!

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Revise Theory or Practice Sums?

Well, the answer to this at this stage would be practice sums. You might be anxious about your theory revision but you are not alone. Most students do select theory revision over practising sums because theory revision is easy. But if you want an edge over the competition the right thing to do is practice.

If Revision is your primary focus, then you will never finish studying for NEET examination. You not only have to revise the syllabus but more importantly the application of it to problem-solving. That is why it is a better approach to solve MCQs and then revise the concept behind the question.

Also, by going through the solutions, you will be revising or learning the application of these concepts.

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Mock Tests

Solving full testimonial portions as well as previous year’s papers is going to be very important for you. In the month of April, you must push in these mock tests (at least 1 in a day) along with the normal schedule given above. In fact, you can reduce the time allotted for normal schedule and allot more time for mock tests.

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Important Chapters

Short of time for preparing for NEET? You should go for important chapters first. If you feel lazy about studying all chapters, then important chapters are surely going to help. You may also replace the above timetable with a timetable that includes only important chapters. (Important Chapters have been given more importance in the above timetable)

Check the Important Chapters: Most Important Chapters for NEET

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