How to Tackle Physics Numericals

How to Tackle Physics Numericals

Physics is a subject that requires an in depth understanding of concepts and their
application both of which requires you to be alert and focused. One thing that is most important while studying is maintaining your focus. Here’s our advice to you:

Do not get Scared !

It all begins by taking control of yourself or more importantly taking control of your attention. So begin by Scheduling and Prioritizing your Work tasks. You should not be scared of attempting problems in Physics.

Create a month long schedule for physics. Allocate 1-2 hours daily for practicing problems in physics.

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Understand Formulae Better

One of the main things about physics is formulae. Many students think of formulae as just recipes to solve problems. But they are more than that.

To truly understand physics formulas must make sense in the real world. Let’s take a simple example

F = ma (one of the greatest equations)

This tells you for a given mass, more the force, more the acceleration. Does that make sense?

Oh yes.. if you take a bike… you push it harder.. it will accelerate quickly, you push is slower, it takes ages to speed up.. so that makes sense
But there is more to this; it also says for a given acceleration, more the mass, more the force.

Which means.. if you want to speed up a car from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds, and if you want to speed up a train from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds, clearly you need to put more force on the train..

But there is still more to it…
For a given force, more the mass lesser the acceleration. If you put same force on a car and a cycle.. since car has more mass, it will accelerate slowly and a cycle which has less mass accelerates quickly.

Also this equation works provided mass remains the constant throughout the application of force, so it doesn’t work for rockets.
See one equation.. and so many beautiful ways of looking at it. That is the amount of info stored in equations.. and only when you see THROUGH them.. do you get the real beauty of it.. and you will be able to master it.

So avoid blindly mugging up equations.. and try to make it more intuitive.

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Practice More

It is okay to be scared at practice, but if you procrastinate, you will remain scared of physics even in our exams. So, you should practice and learn as much as you can before you finally appear in your exams.

But once you are solving a numerical, make sure you don’t look into the solution. Many times students try to look into the solution, and then think ‘oh now I get it.. so now I can solve a numerical like this.’

Then the second numerical also, they would look into the solution. IF they do this for 100 numericals, they only THINK that they have understood how to solve them, but in reality they have learnt nothing. ” Nothing at all ”

So when you solve numericals.. spend enough time on it. If you can’t solve it.. try
approaching it from different angles.. have some sleepless nights over it. Take a break.. and then try thinking over it again..
So the advice is :
At any cost.. avoid looking into the solutions and try to tackle it yourself

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It is not just about a Textbook

Students always think that questions are always asked from a specific book only. This estricts their learning capacity greatly.

In competitive exams like the JEE and NEET, the syllabus would be based on NCERT, but the questions won’t be asked directly from it. You need to study the concepts from NCERT, but questions will ask you to use these concepts.

So, basically in NCERT, they will mention what is KVL, KCL. But, how to use KVL and KCL to solve different kinds of circuits can only be understood through practice.

So, use textbooks to build your fundamentals in physics and Use “Practice” to build your confidence in Problem Solving !

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  • Mithesh Kumar Posted November 24, 2018 10:30 pm

    Thank you so much, definitely it will help..

  • Neha Posted July 5, 2018 9:25 pm

    Hello sir
    I agreed with ur point ” while solving numerical don’t look at solution” ….it is the only reason that i didn’t follow and i didn’t clear my neet exam ….

  • Srujan Posted March 9, 2018 11:20 pm

    Sir give us more such examples ,which you gave on f=ma. It will really help a lot on going in depth with such type of equations

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