What is Quantitative Aptitude

What is Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude, also called Numerical Ability, is the aptitude of numbers! It is your ability to work with numbers and mathematical figures and solve numerical questions. It tests your comfort level with numbers and mathematics. It is one of the key pillars of aptitude along with Verbal Aptitude.

Quantitative Aptitude plays a major role in any stage of life. When a student wants to qualify for a college admission or job posting, he/she has to cross the river of Quantitative Aptitude. This has become an unavoidable part of all competitive examinations and job screenings.

What is Quantitative Aptitude?

The term ‘Quantitative’ means ‘Quantity’ or ‘Measure’ or ‘Number’. The term ‘Aptitude’ means natural or acquired ability or capacity. Put together, the term ‘Quantitative Aptitude’ means your ability and capacity to work with numbers & quantities. Numbers involve concepts like positive and negative numbers, mathematical equations, percentages, and averages, while Quantities involve concepts like speed, distance, time, etc.

In Quantitative Aptitude, you will deal with topics like Algebra, Percentages, Averages, Proportion, Ratios, Speed, Distance & Time, Time & Work and many more.

The Importance of Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is an important and part of any competitive exam & job posting.

Here’s how important Quantitative Aptitude is:

  • You become comfortable working with Numbers
  • Quantitative Aptitude is a basic Life Skill
  • Quantitative Aptitude is required for performing highly skilled Job

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Why is it a part of Screenign Tests & Competitive Exams?

Quantitative Aptitude is usually seen as a filtering test. When a large number of applicants apply for a competitive exam or job posting, the testers want to filter out applicants who are not good at maths or are comfortable working with numbers and equations. Quantitative Aptitude test acts like a filter to differentiate between eligible and non-eligible candidates. Your score in such tests determines your level of fluency with numbers and math. This ability is very important for performing any highly skilled job. This is the reason why Quantitative Aptitude is always preferred in screening tests & competitive exams.

The Topics under Quantitative Aptitude

There are different categories of Quantitative Aptitude. This will be the same as learning basic math – starting from learning natural numbers to solving hypothetical functions.

Some of the topics involved are:

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How to improve your Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is all about numbers & maths. Being good at maths is an added advantage here. Also, quantitative aptitude requires you to know basic math topics like the ones mentioned above. A little practice daily will help you improve your numerical ability with time.

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Ready to rock!

Learning quantitative aptitude is an interesting journey and the outcomes you gain by applying this knowledge in your regular life will upgrade you to the next stage. Such an easy thing will never threaten you anymore. Enjoy the journey of learning.

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