How to study for Long Hours

How to study for Long Hours

Whether you have your semester exams next day or preparing for competitive examinations, you must have surely faced the need for studying for longer hours. Let us look at how one can study for long hours.

Motivate Yourself

Motivation plays a very important role in being able to study long. You will need to keep yourself motivated to have a long study session.

Here’s how motivation will work in your favour :

  1. Sometimes starting a study session is more difficult than maintaining one. You might have observed that once you start studying, you are all set. Thus you need to motivate yourself to “begin” everything else will just fall in place.
  2. Once you have begun studying, you need to motivate yourself against everything that could interrupt your studies. e.g. distractions, social media updates, etc. Read: How to stay away from Distractions.

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Self discipline is your ability to stand against everything that comes between you and your goal. There will be times where you may feel like deviating away. You need to discipline yourself because your goal is very important to you.

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Find Interest

If you love what you do (or study) then there is no way one can stop you from doing it (or studying) for 10 hours a day. Studying for long hours becomes very easy by simply developing love for subject.

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Give yourself More Reasons to Study

Most of our actions have a specific reason behind it. Every reason motivates an action. Thus, if you have more reasons to study you will be more motivated to study.

Reasons for studying could be many : Love for Subject, need of a medical/engineering seat, completing academic goals, etc.

Take Adequate Rests

You should take adequate rests while studying. We suggest a combination of 25 minute work – 5 minute break for studies.
Rests allow you to update yourself. Imagine how your mind used to be refreshed after a summer vacation. You would be ready to grasp new information. In the same way, the aim of a break should be to refresh your mind so that it is ready to grasp new information in the next study session.

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Study in Slots

The slot is a dedicated period of time in which you commit to yourself that you are going to give undivided attention to the study material in hand. This period can be of 20 minutes, 25 minutes or 30 minutes – whichever suits you the best. At the end of each slot you will be having a 5 or 10 minute break. After the break you begin a fresh new slot and the cycle goes on.

The Slots are designed to be 25 minutes each, as the average human attention span is decreasing year-by-year. Thus, it makes sense to make optimum use of your attention span.

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The Slot Method balances everything written in this blog : study time and break time , so that you can study for longer duration. The Slot method makes it easier to study for long periods.


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