The Ultimate Guide to Studying Better

We, at Meritstore have made a lot of videos and blog posts to inspire students to study better. But, this blog post is going to be ultimate! This blog post is the most exhaustive compilation of tips to study better and become the best version of yourself.

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What to Do if you are Weak in a Subject

The foremost challenge to scoring better in tests is overcoming your weak subjects. We all are weak in some and strong in some subjects. It takes a bit of patience and consistency to develop a stronghold over your weak subjects.

Firstly, you need to stop complaining about the subject being too difficult. You need to be willing to take action over it. Too much complaining and no action contributes nothing to your success. Next, you need to accept the situation and believe that you can overcome it if you are willing to.

Once, you are ready to take on your weak subject, you need to set clear goals in the right direction. Remember, it won’t be an overnight process. So, plan well and improve on the subject step-by-step consistently over time.

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What to do if you are scoring Low in Tests

If you are preparing for a competitive entrance exam, you are definitely going to go through this during your preparation. It is very crucial to handle such a situation with care as it can take your preparation and spirit downhill.

You need to stick to solving mock tests no matter how low your score. After each mock test, you need to diligently go through all solutions and concepts asked in the test. This entire process is described very well in the below article.

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How to stay away from Distractions

Are you focusing on your studies? Or is a distraction taking away your Focus? Distraction, by far is one of the most common reasons for students not being able to complete their studies in time. However, if you wish to succeed in your studies, there is no option, but to keep distractions aside at least while studying. This requires a strong willingness and commitment towards studies. You need to assign a fixed time for your distractions and a fixed time for your studies. A strong sense of self-discipline can go a long way to solving all of your distraction problems.

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How to overcome Laziness while Studying

Overcoming laziness requires strong will power and commitment towards your goals. If you feel lazy, you need to introspect your commitment towards your goal. If you feel lazy, it simply means you lack willingness, commitment or belief in your goals. Also, the feelings of laziness can be easily removed by becoming aware of your goals, and what needs to be done in order to achieve it. Self-awareness and self-discipline is the key.

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How to Actually Follow your Study Schedule

Now, that you have prepared a timetable for yourself like 90% of students to do, you need to learn how to successfully follow the schedule like 30% of students.

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How to Remember Everything you Learn

Whether it be Chemical Reactions or Formulae of Physics and Math, Remembering what you learn is an important skill to hone. Memory is a part of studies along with Analytic skills, Reasoning, Logical Thinking, and Observation.
In How to Remember Everything you Learn, we guide you through the process of Remembering things better, faster and longer.

How to Prepare for any Entrance Exam in 1 Year

If you are reading this, most probably you have got an entrance exam coming up in a year or two. In How to prepare for any entrance exam in 1 Year, we have explained how exactly can one crack any kind of entrance exam in a year (and this is true for all kinds of exams).

How to achieve Balance in Study Life

All work and no play makes Jack dull! You need to have activities other than studies and non-productive activities like surfing the internet and social media. You need activities that keep you fit, healthy, engaged, and give you a sense of purpose. You need to be able to fulfill all aspects of your life along with your academic ambitions.

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